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My family and I have been blessed by having Charlyne Caceres as our post partum doula. Due to a difficult delivery, I have worked with a number of experienced doulas. Charlyne is at the top of my list of everyone I worked with for a number of reasons. I recommend her whole-heartedly and will use her again for baby number two without hesitation. Charlyne helped us solve problems that even the specialized lactation and sleep consultants couldn't help us with. We had a very difficult time when we had to supplement with formula bottles. Every feeding was a nightmare as our baby would cry hysterically and not take the bottle all day and night. We tried so many different things that the "experts" said we should do, but it was Charlyne's recommendations that did the trick. She possesses a rare combination of working knowledge plus an intuitive connection with babies. Our baby melted in Charlyne's arms from day one! As a first time mother, it is difficult to trust another person with your flesh and blood, especially during the vulnerable night time periods. Charlyne's warmth and gentle demeanor on the outside and her calm know-how on the inside puts both baby and mom at peace. She is an excellent communicator and is acutely observant and aware of your baby’s changing needs and development. The bottom line is that you can trust Charlyne to care for your baby the way the most dedicated mother would. With Charlyne's support, I was able to get the rest and make the recovery I needed. Our baby is also flourishing!


~ Jade and Jason


While we were pregnant, my wife and I met with five perfectly capable and qualified doulas, including Charlyne. What set her apart to us was how warm and, for lack of a better word, nurturing she seemed, even during the first meeting. That's why we wanted to hire her. My wife's family and mine are both far from Los Angeles. When we came home with the baby and Charlyne started work, we realized she was also a very calming influence on us -- and that was a huge plus for us as first time parents. Her impeccable professionalism, together with her sweet and caring disposition, soothed us as parents -- nevermind the baby. We ended up asking her to work more days than we had planned. We recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.


~Scott and Polina

2010 - present

2010 - present


I was lucky enough to have Eileen Caceres as a night nurse/doula for months when my baby girl was very young, and I could not recommend her more! She is kind, caring, responsible, and punctual. I was always so happy and relaxed on the nights she stayed with us. She has a very calming presence, and she has such a way with babies -- she was so good at gently encouraging my baby to fall back to sleep, which helped her get accustomed to sleeping longer and longer stretches at night. The nights Eileen stayed with us, I was able to decompress and catch up on my desperately needed sleep, and I always woke up feeling like a new person. She was truly a lifesaver during a very difficult and exhausting period for me and my husband! 


~Michelle V.

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