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Frequently Asked Questions


A lot of expectant families have questions about what we do as doulas. Hopefully the information below will address them. Feel free to contact us directly for further questions.


What is a Doula?


The Greek word doula means woman caregiver. We now use the word to describe a trained and experienced non-medical and non-judgemental birth proffesional. A doula provides emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information throughout the perinatal period (pregnancy through postpartum). 


What are the benefits of hiring a doula?


Birth Doula

"Published data indicates that one of the most effective tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personnel, such as a doula." (ACOG) and (SMFM)


Statictics show that a woman who had continuous support from a person such as a doula are:

* 28% less likely to have a cesarean section

* 31% less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to speed up labor

* 9% less likely to use any pain medication

* 34% less like to rate their childbirth experience negatively


More info on the statistics of doulas here.


Postpartum Doula

"There is a great deal of evidence suggesting that quality support can ease the transition that comes with the addition of a baby to the family. By educating, attending to the needs of the parents, infant and children and by offering quality referral information, the postpartum doula can ease and enhance the postpartum experience. Every family can benefit from the support and encouragement offered by a doula." DONA International 


Does a doula replace my partner?


Absolutely not. No one can replace your partner.


A doula can...

* Assist the woman and her partner to carry out their plans for the birth

* Bring the couple closer together by making sure that the partner's needs are met (emotionally, nutritionally and physical by allowing time for breaks)

* Reassure the partner to participate at his own comfort level

* Helps the partner stay calm, feel safe and understand the process of labor, birth and motherhood


What is a postpartum doula vs. a newborn care specialist?


A postpartum doula has extensive training in breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum depression and the importance of bonding. The doula focuses in caring and educating the mom so she can care for her baby. Our goal is to nurture the mom and bring together the family so they succeed in parenthood.


A  newborn care specialist is exactly what the name denotes. A specialist in newborn care from birth to 12 weeks.


What is a baby nurse?


Also known as a night nurse. A baby/night nurse is a non-medical professional who comes into the home when the baby comes home from the hospital. They have extensive hands on experience and knowledge of infant care. It is their job to look after the welfare of the infant and assist parents for the first several weeks/months in all aspects of newborn care. They can provide overnight, daytime, and 24-hour care.

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