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Maternity Concierge


Our experience as a doula's give us a unique insight into the needs of families. We can help you through the process of finding a great a nanny, or recommend the latest, greatest baby products. Guiding you through the entire experience of becoming a mom, whether it is your first time or your third. 



Finding excellent childcare can not only be a challenge, but can also be emotional. You want to find the right person to take care of your precious little one. Not just anyone will do.


Let Blissful Baby Doula's guide you gently through this process until you find the perfect nanny or sitter for you. 

Nursery Set Up and Organization


Our Doula's will help you create a serene, easy to navigate space for your little one. They knows how to put things in their proper place so you can grab those diapers and burp cloths in the middle of the night when you need them most. They can also help set up stations around the house so you can settle in comfortably to nurse and diaper the baby wherever you are.

Product Recommendations


Not sure what to put on your baby registry? Our doula's are experienced and will confidently refer products you will need, and others you can leave off. Everything from what diapers fit your family's needs, to baby carriers and breastfeeding pillows. She will help you determine what your essentials are so you don't have to worry about returning a bunch of things you won't end up using.


Phone Consultations


Charlyne is happy to support families near and far by providing cosultations and resources via phone. She has an extensive list of care providers and practitioners in the Los Angeles area, as well as the latest information on a variety of topics. Live out of state? Allow her to help you find the best resources in your area.

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